Human Resources Manager Helps Automate Coolant Process

Human Resources Manager

Once upon a time, there was a Human Resources manager named Sarah who worked for a manufacturing company that used CNC machines to produce parts for various industries. The company had a large number of CNC machines, and each one required a steady supply of coolant to keep it running smoothly.

Sarah noticed that the CNC machine operators were spending a significant amount of time refilling the coolant tanks and monitoring the levels. This was taking them away from their primary tasks of operating the machines and ensuring that the parts being produced were of high quality.

The machine operators hated the manual labor of replacing the coolant. This was impacting Sarah’s retention and recruiting efforts. It was also a health and safety concern which could increase her workload and company healthcare costs. THere was just so much to think about when it came to metalworking fluids!

Sarah also noticed that the coolant was getting low more frequently than it should have been. Upon further investigation, she discovered that the coolant was not being mixed to the proper concentrations, which was causing the tanks to run dry more quickly. This was resulting in production delays, higher coolant costs and decreased efficiency.

She knew that something needed to be done to address this problem. She began researching ways to automate the coolant process and eventually came across the Dazzle™ 2 system that would automatically refill the coolant tanks as needed. It even emailed their coolant supplier when their tanks were getting low!

She presented her findings to the company's management team and convinced them to invest in the automation system. Once it was installed, the CNC machine operators were able to focus on their primary tasks, and the coolant levels remained consistently high, resulting in increased production efficiency and fewer delays.

This increased the machine operator’s job satisfaction which in turn helped with retention rates and recruiting new employees. She was even noticing that there were less employee sick days and health claims. It was a win, win!

Sarah was hailed as a hero by the CNC machine operators and the management team, and the company's production numbers soared thanks to her proactive approach to solving the coolant problem.

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