Dazzle™ 1 Jan 1, 2023

CNC Operator Becomes The "Coolant Queen"

The Dazzle 1 system also helped to improve the quality of the parts that the CNC machines produced. The machines were now able to run at optimal temperatures and greatly reduced the errors that would occur without the correct coolant concentration. She even noticed that she had more time to spend with her family because she did not have to redo parts as much!

Dazzle™ 2 Dec 1, 2022

Process Engineer Helps Improve Company's CNC Machines

The automated coolant system was a huge success. It saved the company a significant amount of time and money, and it also helped to improve the overall efficiency of the production process. Lawrence was thrilled with the results, and he was proud to have played a key role in implementing such an important improvement to the company's CNC machines.