Automate Your CNC's Coolant System

Have you ever had this happen on your shop floor?

Have your operators ever spilled coolant across your shop floor?

Reduce those expensive costs with the Dazzle 2™ Automated Coolant System

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What gets measured, gets managed.
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The Problem

Coolant is an instrumental part of machining. It helps extend tool life and improve the surface finish of parts being machined.

Despite this, most shops rely on operators to monitor, maintain and adjust the coolant levels routinely. If these vital concentrations are not correctly maintained, multiple systemic issues can occur. These coolant concentrations can fluctuate anywhere from 5% to 20% daily from evaporation, splashing, misting and drag-out.

The Problem with Coolant
Automated Coolant Solution

The Solution

Zebra Skimmers has developed a patented technology which offers fully automated sump concentration and level management.

The Dazzle™ 2 is flexible and configurable to manage the specific automated CNC sump and coolant process needs in a high-volume manufacturing environment.

Why Now?

There has never been a better time to introduce systems which increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing is now more competitive than ever before and growing more advanced every year with the advent of new technology. In order to reduce costs, efficiency is paramount, and unplanned downtime is not an option.

This, along with an increased awareness of environmentalism and worker safety, makes now an ideal time for manufacturers to invest in the Dazzle™ 2.


Manufacturers who say that customer demands are shifting, specifically towards improved sustainability and quality.


Manufacturers who say they will be increasing in technology to increase efficiency.


Manufacturers in the US who are redesigning their work around automation.

The Hidden Costs of CNC Coolant Revealed

CNC Coolant plays an important role in the machining process, but there are hidden costs.

Though CNC coolant may seem like a small part of machining operations, there are hidden costs associated with its usage that can add up quickly. By understanding the true cost of CNC coolant and learning how to cut down on unexpected expenses, manufacturers can save money and increase their profits.

Download our white paper to learn how to cut down on unexpected costs and unrealized expenses along with discovering solutions that will optimize your facility.

Why Choose Us?

We personalize how we work to fit your project needs. Our approach helps augment innovation.


Customers report an 8-month ROI with savings between 50 and 80%.


If inhaled excessively, coolant increases risk of breathing difficulties, heart problems, kidney failure and brain damage.


Removing sump maintenance from the CNC machinists job description increases retention of difficult to hire employees.


Less time maintaining coolant levels, less unplanned machine down time and reduction in operator error.


From the resources used to ship coolant to facilities all the way to the disposal process, coolant has a huge environmental impact.

Automation Success Stories

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Dazzle Fluid Management Systems

Precision Coolant Mixing, Concentration Management and Delivery in One System.

Dazzle 1 Coolant Automation System

The Dazzle™ 1

  • Precision coolant make-up mixing and concentration management.
  • Proven ‘in the field’ to reduce coolant usage by up to 50%.
  • Modular, affordable and easy to install.
Learn more
Dazzle 2 Coolant Automation System

The Dazzle™ 2

  • Fully Automated, 100% Hands-Free Engineered System.
  • Maintain CNC Sump Levels and Concentration 24/7/365.
  • No Operator Input Required. Monitor Coolant Activity Anywhere.
Learn more


"We can maintain the same temperature of coolant so it can rise with the machine and fall with the machine. This is especially important with our aluminum."

Industries We Serve

The automotive industry creates jobs. Building 60 million vehicles requires the employment of about 9 million people directly in making the vehicles and the parts that go into these vehicles. This is over 5 percent of the world's total manufacturing employment. Opportunities in the automotive industry are almost endless. However, two key trends are set to further push the automotive industry to the future: automation and integration.

The manufacturing industries are industries transforming goods, but they also assist with the repair and installation of industrial equipment and subcontracting operations for third parties. The way we produce and consume goods has changed since the Industrial Revolution. Its innovation allows nations to become increasingly more productive in the services offered. The future of manufacturing lies in automation and with that, increases the safety of the workers.

The Aerospace and Defense Industry is made of manufacturers who develop spacecraft and aircraft for the military aircraft, commercial aircraft, tanks, missiles, and other weapon related equipment. Companies in the aerospace and defense industry are expected to go further into the digital future, upgrading to automated smart factories. This will give rise to more efficient production along with a faster design-to-delivery process.

Biotechnology is a science-driven industry sector that uses living organisms and molecular biology to mainly produce healthcare-related products. They are the companies whose products or services primarily use biotechnology methods for their production, design or delivery. Biotech companies mainly work in the fields of medicine, agriculture, crop production, non-food use of crops and heavy industry and are leading the way with innovative automation processes to better the lives of their workers and customers.

The Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting sector primarily engages in growing crops, raising animals, harvesting timber, fish and other animals from a farm, ranch, or their natural habitats. The future of the agriculture sector will use sophisticated technologies such as automation and robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. These advanced techniques, processes and systems will allow farms to be more profitable, efficient, safe, and environmentally sustainable.

Energy and utilities companies are responsible for the safe, secure, reliable, and sustainable generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, natural gas, and water. Emerging technologies such as automation, grid infrastructure, and hiring their workforce are some of the challenges currently facing the utilities industry today. By making the human aspects easier, it helps with the retention of qualified employees.

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Zebra® Skimmers has been serving the metalworking industry for thirty years, starting in a garage with one product. Today, we offer a range of cost-saving and preventive maintenance tramp oil skimming products, along with world-class technical expertise and customer service for the metalworking industry.

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