Process Engineer saves company time and money with automated coolant system

Process Engineer Success Story

In a busy manufacturing plant, there was a process engineer named Lawrence who was responsible for ensuring that the CNC machines were running efficiently and effectively.

He noticed that one of the biggest bottlenecks in the production process was the frequent need to manually refill and change the coolant in the machines. This task was time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it often resulted in disruptions to the production schedule. There were also many errors in the concentration makeup and that resulted in a faster breakdown of the tooling on the machines.

One day, Lawrence had an idea. He realized that by automating the coolant system, he could save a significant amount of time and labor. With the help of his team, Lawrence headed the research to find a company that could provide this type of service.

After coming across The Dazzle™ 2 CNC coolant automation system, he reached out and scheduled a discovery call to see what this was all about. Lawrence really liked the friendly and knowledgeable staff and engineers that he spoke with and decided to move forward on bringing them to the plant for a site inspection.

Of the many benefits of automating his system, what really grabbed his attention was the data collection and analysis that could be seen through the system. He could see all the pertinent information about each of his sumps like which one is being filled and at what ratio.

After getting their plans together, Lawrence scheduled a company to fit the coolant pipes while Zebra Skimmers built the custom components. Even the colors of the parts matched the company branding!

Once installed, he loved that he implemented an automated coolant system that would automatically refill the coolant tanks when they reached a certain level, and would alert maintenance staff when it was time to change the coolant entirely. The readings were also very precise with the integrated refractometer cleaning system that operated during the sampling transition period between sumps.

The automated coolant system was a huge success. It saved the company a significant amount of time and money, and it also helped to improve the overall efficiency of the production process. Lawrence was thrilled with the results, and he was proud to have played a key role in implementing such an important improvement to the company's CNC machines.

From then on, Lawrence knew that automating processes was a key part of his role as a process engineer, and was always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs through automation.

If you too want to find out more about the Dazzle™ 2 coolant automation system, give our specialists a call at 440.525.0699

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